Fuyumi Champion of Penguins (15502)

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Fuyumi Champion of Penguins (#15502)
HeadCat Girl
BodyTundra Robe
WeaponFrozen Tuna
CompanionBattle Penguin
RuneRune of Neptune

Fuyumi Champion of Penguins is the Honorary Warrior gifted to Madotsuki.

Lore Info

Fuyumi lives in Penguin Capital, working together with the Battle Penguins within and protecting them in exchange for all the exotic ice water fish she desires. She also exchanges the fish her feathery friends catch to Head-aiko.pngIce Mage Nori of the Expanse (9742) for various goods not found in he area.

Fuyumi in Penguin Capital illustrated by Bread.


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Fuyumi utilizes large Frozen Tuna to bludgeon her enemies. Her brooch is an otherworldly artifact engraved with the Rune of Neptune, which grants her resistance to the cold and allows for frozen objects in direct contact with her to remain frozen regardless of the environment. Being a Cat Girl, she has a high degree of dexterity and has nocturnal vision. As much as she loves fish, she regrettably cannot swim.



Hanabi design sketch by Bread.

Book of Lore Mentions

Trait Info

Name and Origin

Fuyumi is the only Warrior with the name "Fuyumi" as her name. Though it was not generated as a name within the collection, but hand picked as her name due to being an Honorary Warrior.

Head and Body

Fuyumi is 1 of 2 Warriors that appears with both the 'Cat Girl' head and 'Tundra Robe' body.


Fuyumi wields a Frozen Tuna. She is 1 of 8 Warriors with this weapon.


Fuyumi's companion Battle Penguin, Dango.

Fuyumi's Battle Penguin companion is named Dango. He wears a green scarf around his neck similar to Fuyumi's Tundra Robe. He's a quick fighter who takes advantage of icy terrain to quickly side around, and utilizes small frozen fish in a similar fashion to throwing knives.


Fuyumi's cape is held by a brooch that is an otherworldly artifact engraved with the Rune of Neptune given to her by Head-aiko.pngIce Mage Nori of the Expanse (9742). Its power gives her some control over frozen water and grants her resistance from the cold. By using her Rune of Neptune, she can keep frozen items in direct contact with her at freezing temperatures indefinitely. She is one of 676 Warriors associated with the Rune of Neptune.


Fuyumi is 1 of 137 Warriors that has the Sea Affinity Group as her main Affinity. Fuyumi is 60% attuned to Sea, with 3 of 5 traits in the Affinity Group.