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Graphic Novel

Canis Coven is a forthcoming graphic novel series for ages 13+ by writer and artist Tania del Rio based on tokens and IP from the Forgotten Runes NFT collection. Volume 1, Canis Coven and the Kitsune’s Tear, will be comprised of 6 individual chapters which will also be released as separate comic book issues.

Log Line

A girl’s quest to learn about her past uncovers a dangerous threat to the Runiverse that will test the oldest bond in existence: the one between human and canine.


When a traumatic encounter with a demonic beast kills their mother, Chiyo and her twin sister are torn apart, lost, and alone. Raised by foxes, Chiyo now remembers little of her past, but a mysterious tear-shaped pendant embedded in her chest provides a tantalizing clue. After forming a magical connection with the Kitsune beast, Chiyo embarks on a quest to find her sister, unlock the secrets of her past, and discover the truth behind her powerful pendant. Little does she realize, Chiyo’s journey will lead her to uncover an enormous threat to the Runiverse along with a shocking secret that makes her the target of an ancient and dangerous organization. If she has any hope of surviving, Chiyo will have to rely on a coven of newfound friends and the canines that have joined them in a bond as old as time.

Creative Process

A photograph of an open laptop displaying a comic book script and an image of Magus Chiyo of the Hills. In the foreground there is a digital notebook open to a page filled with handwritten notes and ideas.
An early look at the graphic novel creating process, shared by the Canis Coven Twitter account.

Tania del Rio has been sharing the process behind making a graphic novel on both TikTok and Instagram and Twitter. She has started a planned series of 9 short videos demonstrating specific techniques in graphic novel creation.

  • Step 1: Brainstorming
  • Step 2: Character Sheets
  • Step 3: Outlining (Coming soon)
  • Step 4: Scripting (Coming soon)
  • Step 5: Layouts (Coming soon)
  • Step 6: Pencils (Coming soon)
  • Step 7: Inks (Coming soon)
  • Step 8: Tones (Coming soon)
  • Step 9: Lettering (Coming soon)
  • Step 10: Coloring (Coming soon)

Main Cast

Members of Canis Coven





Villains of Canis Coven


  • Sopdet the Star Eater - the Main Antagonist



Allies of Canis Coven


Lunar Rune Guardians

The Alley Pack Warriors