Tanja Devourer of Shadows (15518)

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Tanja Devourer of Shadows (#15518)
HeadShe Wolf
BodyNorthern Barbarian
WeaponBlue Broadsword
ShieldWooden Buckler
CompanionGrey Wolf
RuneRune of Sun

Tanja Devourer of Shadows is the Honorary Warrior gifted to Tania Del Rio.

Lore and Background

Tanja is a 19 year old warrior accompanied by her Grey Wolf companion, Fenress the Ancient. She has spent her life in The Quantum Shadow vanquishing dark spirits with a broadsword fueled by sunlight. Little is known about her past and her only trusted friend is fellow warrior, Ichiyo Executor of the Shadows, whom she loves and feels very protective towards. Tanja reluctantly joined the group of wizards known as Canis Coven after she and Ichiyo were rescued and she now serves as their defender.

This illustration of Tanja Devour depicts a muscular, dark haired woman in a defensive stance, brandishing a flaming broadsword. She is dressed in gray barbarian furs and has a wolfskin cap on her head.
Tanja Devourer of Shadows illustrated by Tania Del Rio


Tanja is introverted, mysterious, and guarded. She finds it difficult to open up to people and comes across as moody and brooding at times. However, in the heat of battle she comes alive, and is extremely loyal to those she chooses to protect. Her biggest flaw is that she acts morally superior and holds others to an impossible standard. Despite her hard exterior she does possess a soft side and she finds great joy in knitting little outfits and accessories for her wolf.


Tanja is a strong and skillful swords-woman. She has the mysterious ability to summon sunlight and light her blade on fire through her connection with the Rune of Sun. She spends a lot of her time working out and strengthening her muscles, but one of her lesser known skills is her ability to knit.


Tanja is a member of the Canis Coven with the role of Defender.


  • Tanja is the Honorary Warrior for cult member Tania Del Rio. Tania named her Tanja because she wanted a close association with her character but didn’t think “Tania” was a fitting name for a barbarian warrior.
  • Tania’s concept of Tanja was inspired by the character Ayla from Chrono Trigger, Princess Mononoke, and the ElfQuest comic series, all which are important influences in her life.
  • Tania Del Rio has adopted Tanja's She Wolf head as her main profile picture and persona in social media.
  • Tanja's Astrological sign in the Runic Zodiac is The Ouroboros.

Book of Lore Mentions



Name and Origin

Head and Body

Weapon and Shield


  • Tanja’s Grey Wolf is one of 27 in the collection.
  • Tanja's companion is named Fenress the Ancient and is a wise, sometimes grumpy beast who isn’t afraid to fight despite her advanced age.


  • Tanja is one of 678 Warriors with the Rune of Sun.
  • Tanja has a strong connection with this rune and is able to summon sunlight even when deep below the ground. She also can use the rune’s power to ignite her blade.