Magus Chiyo of the Hills (1527)

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Magus Chiyo is a wizard currently owned by Tania del Rio.

Magus Chiyo of the Hills (#1527)
BodyWicker Wear
PropRed Mushroom
FamiliarFox Trickster
RuneRune of Uranus
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Lore and Background

Magus Chiyo is a 17 year old wizard accompanied by her red fox familiar, Ki. She comes from a hilly region in the Baobabs and was raised by foxes from the age of 6 after a traumatic encounter with a demon killed her mother and separated her from her twin sister, Ichiyo Executor of the Shadows.

Chiyo had no memory of her early life, but a psychedelic experience with a mushroom gifted to her by Adept Epher of the Wood led Chiyo to form a connection with the Seven Tailed Kitsune, and her memories began to return.

Chiyo has a summoning stone embedded in her chest with a rune etched upon its surface that is associated with the star known as The Kitsune’s Tear.

Chiyo is the leader of a group called Canis Coven who are on a quest to unlock the secrets of her summoning stone and protect it from those who would seek to gain possession of it.

Chiyo is often guided on her journey by a white three tailed fox sent by the Seven Tailed Kitsune as a messenger and aide.

An illustration of Chiyo with her red fox perched on her shoulders. She has short black hair and pale skin with red lips and eyebrows. She wears a yellow cowl that is slightly lifted to reveal the summoning stone in her chest. She wears a flowy red top and sheer purple harem pants tucked into yellow boots. A magic mushroom hovers over her outstretched palm.
Magus Chiyo of the Hills Illustrated by Tania del Rio


Chiyo is very ambitious and assertive with a keen interest in unlocking her full potential. She is a natural leader and is responsible for forming the group known as Canis Coven. Mature for her age, Chiyo is fair-minded and level headed, fearless but not foolish. Her biggest flaws are that she can act selfishly at times, particularly when she’s on the path to a particular goal, and she is drawn to power in a way that, at times, tempts her towards darkness.


Chiyo has a natural affinity for fire magic, given her desert upbringing. She is an excellent leader and a strong magical fighter who knows when to retreat. What she lacks in physical strength she makes up for with speed. She also has (currently unrevealed) skills relating to the summoning stone that is lodged in her chest, and she enjoys a strong bond with the Seven Tailed Kitsune which grants her additional abilities that are still being discovered.


Chiyo is a member of Canis Coven and serves as its leader.


A photo of a forearm with a tattoo featuring Magus Chiyo of the Hills posing with her fox familiar and red toadstools
Magus Chiyo of the Hills as a tattoo on cult member Tania del Rio

Book of Lore Mentions


Name and Origin

  • Chiyo shares her name with 11 other wizards in the collection, and is one of 203 tokens with the origin "of the Hills"

Head and Body

  • Chiyo has a Kabuki head, and is one of 122 in the collection.
  • Chiyo has a Wicker Wear body, one of 130 in the collection.


  • Chiyo holds a Red Mushroom, of which there are 170 in the collection.
  • Chiyo's mushroom is psychedelic and allows her to communicate with the Seven Tailed Kitsune.


  • Chiyo has a Fox Trickster familiar. There are 227 total in the collection.
  • Chiyo's familiar is named Ki. He was raised alongside her and she views him as a sibling. He's very sweet and skittish, but his bravery emerges when he feels the need to protect Chiyo,


  • Chiyo has the Rune of Uranus. There are 317 total wizards with this rune in the collection.


  • Chiyo is one of 922 wizards with the Crimson Affinity. She is 80% attuned with 4 out of 5 traits in this Affinity group.