Seven Tailed Kitsune

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Age: 7000 Years Old
Species: Kitsune
Tails: Seven

The Seven-tailed Kitsune is Beast #7 of the Forgotten Beasts (Season 1) and was summoned into the Runiverse on the 19th of April 10:13:18 PM UTC, block 14618182 of the Ethereum network.


Thousands of years old, the Seven Tailed Kitsune is a shapeshifting beast who grows more beautiful and more powerful with age. With superior intelligence, she is a master of tricks and enchantments. Able to traverse freely in and out of the Spirit Realm, the Kitsune can be friend or foe to mortals, often depending on mood.


The Seven-tailed Kitsune was successfully auctioned for 66.66 eth (approximately USD 206,813.98) to 0x8D12B8c3bEf358d1901d891a74FA801aBa2b79B0. The initial bid began at 0.3 eth. The bidding process took 23 hours and 25 minutes across 12 bids from block 14611748 to block 14618034 and involved 11 separate wallets. This auction was notable for an unusual bid raise on the prior high bid by the same bidder by a substantial amount (+50.69 eth, approximately USD 157,226.74). See the Gate to the Seventh Realm (Implementation).