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3D headshot previews
3D headshot previews released via Twitter

3D models for all Wizards have been part of the initial Roadmap for Forgotten Runes Wizard's cult, much like the Walk Cycles. Every single Wizard in the collection will have a corresponding fully rigged 3D models ready to use in games, metaverses, animations, and more. They're designed with the intent to be low poly not only for nostalgic aesthetic purposes, but for greater interoperability with many different platforms. They've undergone a few redesigns over the course of their development to ensure that the models look and feel right before being released.

On Mar 9, 2022 a first look at some early 3D wizard model designs and animations were shown on the official Forgotten Runes Twitter. It shows early versions of the Bard head and SupaFly body models. There is no Wizard with this combo of head and body type in the collection.

Concept art for these models were created by mollyismutz, and modeled by frogeater under the direction of ElfJTrul.