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The Treasure Trove community merch project is a collection of real world object dreamt up by the cult to put wonderful things into the hands of the community.

The box features:

This project was grass roots built, with collaborators banding together to overcome the hurdles of product manufacturing and shipping to a global community.

Crowd Funding

This project was initially crowd funded by the community using the Miso platform on Sushi and (with a little help from some friends met the required funding goal to get the project off the ground.

Some of the top donors received special bonuses in the Wizard Cards such as having their characters features on the jokers of the deck. The top 3 were:

Ongoing Sales

Treasure Troves can still be ordered today using the address forms for - Paypal orders or Crypto orders or simply by messaging MeepleDad for more info.


Look for your chance to win a Treasure Trove!

Black Sand Pony Races - Race 4 will give away Treasure Troves to a few speedy ponies!