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Ever wonder what the Wizards of the Runiverse play around the dark table at the back of the Tavern? More often than not, they will be enjoying a game of Wizard Cards.

Forgotten Cards Deck

In our world we have a "Standard deck" of 52 cards. Using this deck, you could play hundreds, if not thousands of different card games, all different, but all based on the same set of cards.

The art and style change as well: while the cards themselves have the same meanings, there have been tens of thousands of different styles, printings, inspirations of these cards. From famous artists to novelty decks with your dog on them: there are infinite ways to make a deck of standard playing cards.

The Runivese Deck is similar in origin: tales differ on where the "first" Forgotten Deck came from... the cards themselves have been drawn and redrawn hundreds or thousands of times. From gambling games, to mystic artifacts to soothsayers tools.. and everything in between.

The Deck

A Standard deck of Forgotten Cards contains:

Base Deck -

  • Seven cards of seven suites:
  • Ace - 7 of the seven wizard colours:
    • White
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Yellow
  • Face Cards of each of the seven colours
    • Warrior
    • Wizard
    • Soul
    • Beast
  • Beast Zero: the Quantum Ouroboros

Extra Cards

  • The Colour Master
  • The Black Mage
  • Angelic Dotta

Extra Utility

In the decks shipped out with the [Treasure Trove] you'll find the 8, 9 and 10 of each of the s seven colours as well. These are there for increased functionality and so that you can convert your Wizard deck to a "standard" 52 card deck to play rummy with you granny over the holidays.

Building your own game.

Creating your own game is easy! Just think about how to use the Forgotten Cards to create a deck, then a game with that deck. Not every game uses all the cards, and that's totally okay!

Once you've created your game and want help from the community testing it out, fill out the wizard.cards form and your game will get posted here for others to try out!

Writing rules for games is really hard... so take your time, think through the different challenges you might encounter in explaining your rules, include pictures or links to videos to help explain it all. These are all things that help different learners understand your game!

Getting a deck:

Email Hello@themeeple.ca, DM MeepleDad on twitter or ping me on discord to order a deck of printed cards, or just make your own out of a stack of Pokemon energy cards and a sharpie. This is how I built my first prototype deck!

The Art

Art for the first printing of Wizards Cards, available in the Treasure Trove was done by Artis Rock


Seven Wizards

Full Rules of Seven Wizards can be found on www.Wizard.cards


Brennen.eth invented a drinking game you can play with a deck of Wizard Cards. There are no written rules yet, but listen to the Weekly Wizard Workshop episode where Brennen explains the game.


Played like the traditional game of "War" except the "Warrior" Cards of the deck are considered the high cards that beat everything. Best played with kids or at pubs.