The Blue Hats

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Scholarly, academic, and technical, the Blue Hats are the only faction to embrace magic and science simultaneously. Their Blue Wizard Bastion houses the Runiverse's largest libraries, which contains tomes on every subject including alchemy, medicine, biology, history, literature, and of course, magic. The famous Forgotten Athenaeum is also here in the Bastion, which holds various relics from around the world. The halls of the Bastion are filled with the worlds most respected philosophers, teachers, scholars, and scientists. Science is empirical, predictable, and methodic, qualities which are seen as the opposite of magic, which is intuitive, emotional, and unpredictable. Thus, the merging of science and magic- a seemingly impossible task, is the grand mission of a typical Blue Hat Wizard.

Strengths: Highly intelligent, well-learned, if anyone can build tech that would challenge magic, it would be them.

Weakness: Overly intellectual,ivory tower type of academic. Have tons of knowledge but sometimes don't apply it to the real world.


At times, Blues have been accused of techno-utopianism, to the detriment of magic. Some of suspected of having a hidden agenda to remake the Runiverse into a place where technology reigns supreme, and magic is relegated to the dark corners of society.