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Forgotten Runes Pony
A Forgotten Pony

On a crisp December 24th, 2021 snow fell on the Secret Tower, a rumble in the distance. Then a whinny. From the Elysian Fields, a herd of 567 ponies appeared in the Forgotten Runiverse.

Put thy Rune on the Gate, and enter the Elysian Fields.

The Ponies are the third collection in the Runiverse. Currently, 479 ponies exist (from a possible total of 567) in total. These ponies are the first mounts of the Runiverse and are rumored to carry genetic material allowing for breeding. Each Pony has a body may have one of these traits: a headpiece, a mouthpiece, clothes and a rune.


Rumors of ponies in the Discord.

The first suggestion of a mount-related collection occurred with an off-hand remark on Wizard Wednesday, Episode 14. This remark was later bandied around in the Forgotten Runes discord among long-standing members of the cult, giveahoot, Madotsuki, warder and O as part of the then upcoming First Christmas Merch Box. To the cult's surprise, Magic Machine included a QR code in each Merch Box with a link to a website that allowed for the free (+gas) minting of a Forgotten Pony, the first collection of mounts for the Runiverse. Those members of the cult who had also committed an entry to the Book of Lore were also listed to mint a free Forgotten Pony. When questioned about the Ponies in a subsequent Wizard Wednesday, dotta explained that the idea came to the team when he was caring for his neighbour's horse, Josh.


The Forgotten Ponies contract was created on the 23rd of December, 0349H UTC at address 0xf55b615B479482440135Ebf1b907fD4c37eD9420. The initial contract cost 0.29 Eth to deploy (at the time, USD 355.84). The contract's line of lore read, "Put thy Rune on the Gate, and enter the Elysian Fields.' The contract's ERC712 token name is PONIES. The first summon of the Forgotten Ponies occurred on the 24th of December, 0430H UTC.

Forgotten Ponies Basic art card from the Runes Trading Card Game


Some ponies have a visible Rune on their rump. There are anecdotal accounts of Wizards who are able to harness magical synergies between their own Rune and that of a Pony with whom they've formed a deep bond.

There is also speculation that the hats, bandanas, saddles, and armor that some ponies wear is some indication of their allegiance to different factions or individuals.

The ponies are not just a part of the Runiverse's lore, but they also play a role in the Runes Trading Card Game. The Forgotten Ponies card, which has a potency of 6, acknowledges these creatures as the first recorded mount of wizards in the Runiverse.

Legendary Ponies

List of Pony Bodies

List of Pony Mouth Pieces

List of Pony Clothes

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