Witch Tabitha of the Marsh (6154)

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Witch Tabitha of the Marsh (#6154)
HeadSwamp Witch
BodyBlue Lined Coveralls
PropShaman's Peyote
FamiliarAlbino Rat
RuneRune of Steel
[FM] [OS]

Tabitha of the Marsh came to live (not life) in the Runiverse as id 6154 on June 30th 2021. Her tale can be read in her dedicated in the book of lore and some more stories can be found on her website.

Tabitha had three puppeteers from the world of men. looksraredoteth , WasserZombie and the current is kurisuhiwa who posseses her since October 2021. While asleep until around October 25th 2021 she is now an active member in the community of wizards and warriors and in her own european time zone where she tweets happily about his an that and actively participates in discussions in the Forgotten Runes Discord Server

Before appearing in the Runiverse, Tabitha was a witch of old throughout the ages and the story can be read in the Book of lore.

Tabitha is a creature that lives in and for nature and is protector of all that lives. From early in her life in the time of the roman empire she helped the helpless and fought the frivolous in many adventures.

Within the Runiverse she is friends to many witches, wizards and even some warriors.


Rescue of Sylvia of the Rose

In an adventure that started a while ago she helped the Order of the Eternal Rose to try and rescue one of their own and the story is yet to finish

The wizards hat

Early on Tabitha, while sitting in her swamp boat rowing away through the marshes - found a hat in the mud. A song tells about this.

Dungeons under the Hedge Wizards Wood

The Sphinx isle beyond the Tavern

Book of lore entries

  1. The Lore of Witch Tabitha of the Marsh - https://www.forgottenrunes.com/lore/wizards/6154/0
  2. The awakening of Tabitha by the Bell - https://www.forgottenrunes.com/lore/wizards/6154/2



Tabitha has her own website that features information about

  • herself,
  • her family and friends in the runiverse
  • the Runiverse
  • the podcast "Tales from the Tavern"
  • additional Lore
  • and more to come

It can be found at https://tabitha.wtf

Social Media

You can follow Tabitha on Twitter and Instagram

Events and Appearances


Tabitha visited New York in June 2022 to visit the NFT.NYC and here foremost the first (annual) FRWC Gathering in the Runiverse as well as the fabulous Teshimi Yacht Party.