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Swamp Witch

Most of us have heard about swamps and most likely also about witches in the common sense and the world humans live in. And it is a common mistake to think you know what a swamp witch is, purely by combining the meanings of those two nouns. As always the combination is more - much more - than the sum of its parts. And this record is here to elaborate on this. Written by absolute authorities on the subject: Druid Enigma of the Valley (3676) and Witch Tabitha of the Marsh (6154): Of course, as the reader might have guessed - Swamp Witches.

But let's start at the beginning and distinguish a little about these two nouns.

The Swamp

We must first start by telling you that The Swamp - (perhaps you followed the link above on swamps and by that, were fooled) has nothing to do with the garden variety swamp that you find all over planet earth (less and less though due to a warming period that dries most of them up over there) No, The Swamp (that is the main Swamp) is a wet land located in the Runiverse fairly central around the Frog Master Marsh reaching into The Fey, the Hedge Wizard Wood, the Carnival Pass and The Thorn - areas yet to be discovered and described properly by others.

Suffice it to say that arms of The Swamp reach into each of those - sometimes more and sometimes less - depending on the alignment of the stars and the runes that describe them. But also depending on the mood of the creatures living in the swamp, combined.

There are additional swampy areas in the Runiverse (that may be listed and described in times to come) all over the Runiverse. Simply wherever a Swamp Witch has settled. Now, who came first - the Swamp or the Swamp Witch in that area is to be determined, as the Swamp Witch has the power to turn dry land into wetland in the right circumstances. Why else would she be called "Swamp Witch"??

History of the Swamp

The origins of the swamp go back several million revolutions around the sun and before The Swamp, was the great sea, that at this point withdrew back to Kelpies Bay. Back in the day many large sea monsters lived in that area, passed, sank to the floor and lie there now below the swamp in the sediment.

Contents of the Swamp

The Swamp these days is mostly made of water, fertile soil, many lakes, ponds, small stream and a very important ingredient called love, by the creatures that dwell and live there. The love is what makes the Swamp special and is the foundation for its special brand of !magic (sometimes also called "Emmagic"). But there are also earthly riches to be found below the waters, the moors and the bog. Many adventurers that came to find those riches were pulled below, never to return which in turn means that one can say that part of the swamp probably consists of human matter too.

The flora and fauna (described below) is unique in all the Runiverse and combinations of plants and the fruits of this place mixed with the love make the magic of this place - its secrets only known to the Swamp Witch.

Fauna of the Swamp

Swalliwop Fish

The gigantic, grumpy grey Swalliwop fish is an elusive creature that can be found deep in the Forgotten Runiverse swamp of the Marshland. It is said that this fish loves to eat stones that are wrapped in newspapers and can grow to a remarkable size due to its diet. Fishermen have reported sightings of this fish up to 4 feet long, though it is believed that they can potentially reach sizes much larger.

large, grumpy grey fish

Despite its fierce appearance, the Swalliwop fish is actually quite docile and often curious of humans that cross its path. Its grey coloration helps it to blend into the murky waters of the swamp and it uses its large fins to propel itself through the water at incredible speeds. The Swalliwop fish is an amazing sight to behold and will surely astound any person lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Flora of the Swamp

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Creatures of the Swamp

There are precisely 121 Swamp Witches that roam the Runiverse and not all of them live in the main swamp anymore and have settled in other swamp like areas.

There are (also precisely) 233 magical beings that have their origin in the marshes from where the main swamp grows.

A few ponies have found their way here as well, mostly as company to the wizards living there.

Also a few Souls call the Swamp their home and - just as all creatures they are welcome in The Swamp - as long as they follow the rules.

Of the 8 discovered beasts of the Runiverse none of them has its origin in the Swamp, nor does it dwell there.

The Swamp Witch

The Swamp Witch has adapted to its surroundings and is green for the most part. Green Hair, Yellow-Green Body and Purple eyes.

Swamp Witches in the Book of Lore