The Sevenths

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The Sevenths are a cult in the Runiverse that worship the Gate of the 7th Realm and the gods that they believe reside behind the gate. They herald an event they call “The Opening” where the gate will open & judgement will be passed on the citizens of the Runiverse by the righteous gods that live on the other side.

The Opening

A group of The Sevenths performing a ritual at the Gate to the Seventh Realm

The Opening is the point in time where the gate opens and judgement is served by the 7 righteous gods that live on the other side.

They believe that those who have devoted their lives to preparing the Runiverse will be spared, allowed passage into the promised land, and live eternally as servants to the gods.

Those who have ignored the preachings and defiled the land that the gods will inhabit will be consumed and their essence will be used to forge new demigod lifeforms made in the image of the 7.

Belief System


  • Using magic unnecessarily is seen as a cardinal sin - since this magic will be used to feed the 7 once they enter. Only the minimal amount of magic is supposed to be used on summoning rituals.
  • Drinking Kobold Koolaid & enjoying other substances isn’t necessarily against the rules but why frolic, spend, and party when you could be preparing for The Opening.


  • Sacrifices on the steps of the gate
    • The blood of the sacrifice is used to clean the gate, and then the gate is cleaned again
    • The sacrificed is always a wizard/magical creature in an attempt to lure the gods out and show them the bounties that exist on the other side
    • Normally they sacrifice one of their own who volunteers as it is an honor
    • There have been instances of more diabolical members sacrificing wizards outside of the cult - but this is frowned upon by the core sect seeing as it is morally disgusting - the Sevenths should be able to convince them to want to be sacrificed vs forcing them to
      A member of The Sevenths cleaning the Runiverse
  • Cleaning the land
    • Sevenths believe that cleaning the Runiverse is crucial for a successful Opening. The gods will come through the Gate of the Seventh Realm and not be pleased if they open the doors and are greeted with filth. So in order to prepare the Runiverse for their gods and masters, The Sevenths spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning both private & public spaces.
    • Sevenths tend to take public service jobs such as garbage, janitor, etc since they’ll get paid for performing their divine duties. This is actually something that people of the Runiverse really enjoy about the cult.
    • An overly clean scene is usually a sign that the Sevenths were involved for better or worse
  • In the morning, Sevenths will open up all of the doors & windows in their home and leave them open until the night, in order to practice for The Opening
    • Sometimes they will attempt to do this in public spaces (restaurants, universities, etc) which pisses people off

Public Sentiment of The Sevenths

In general, they are more a nuisance than anything. Therefore people would be right to be a little uneasy around their presence.

However because members of The Sevenths typically are employed in jobs that are in service of the public and they have insane work ethic, they are at least tolerated in most circumstances.

The Gods of The Sevenths

Otherworldly beings, all powerful, perfect specimens that come from a realm where sentience has achieved perfection