The Green Hats

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Thriving in the Green Wizard City of the Runiverse, the Green Hats live in harmony with the natural world. This concordance allows natural magic to flow through the Green Hats effortlessly, from deep within the earth, through the plants and animals, to the hearts and minds of the wizards. They do not seek to dominate nature, but instead coexist with it in perfect homeostasis. This form of magic is potentially older than the Quantum Shadow itself, and can be expressed through weather manipulation, bio-hacking, and communication with plants and animals. Green Hats often form alliances with Brown Hats, for their cultures have overlapping interests. They both love natural world, but whereas the Browns seek to dominate it, the Greens seek harmony. And though this may be a fundamental disagreement between the two, the Greens find more disagreement with the Red Hats, whose materialistic cosmopolitain ways are the antithesis to harmony with nature.

Strengths: Healthy, durable, long lifespans, and stable. They can communicate with plants and animals.

Weakness: Somewhat eco-facist, prioritizing the lives of plants and animals over humans. They can be slow to action, and are a bit aloof to the affairs of the human world.