Two Crows' Bazaar

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Welcome to the Bazaar.

Two Crows' Bazaar, also known colloquially as the Bazaar, is a magical shop located within the Runiverse that trades in a variety of wares: runes, spells, artifacts and jewelry. The Bazaar is owned and run by Head-corvin.pngArtificer Corvin of the Event Horizon (2724) along with his familiar, Cash. The original concept for Two Crows' Bazaar came from Two Crows, the community member.


The Bazaar is known to traverse the lands to attend festivals and other locations of note. The shop itself travels using two crow legs which sprout on command by the current owner.

Corvin seated outside the Bazaar.

The interior of the Bazaar is known to magically expand to accommodate for various rooms.

An early render of the Bazaar walking through Frog Master Marsh.


The Bazaar is one of the few publicly known sites for communicating with members of the Murder Guild.

The beginnings of the Bazaar.


Two Crows' Bazaar was first intimated during a Discord chat on the 5th of March 2022, but a suggestion of the soon-to-be canonical shop being built started in February 2022.