The Great Burning

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The Great Burning began on All Hallows Eve 2021 and through it a Wizard and a Flame may be burned to receive a Forgotten Soul.

Burning happens in The Secret Tower ( scroll down to the door with flickering flames )

  • 1112 Wizards were airdropped Flames
  • Burn a Flame token + a Wizard token for a chance at a Forgotten Soul
  • You might receive the Ghost of your Wizard, something more powerful, or something "undesirable"
  • You’ll always get an NFT back, but there are no guarantees on what you will get, so there is a risk.
  • For the wizards concerned with rate of return, the risk of an “undesirable” result is roughly 1 in 10.
  • No time limit on using the flames.


The Great Burning, The Sacred Flames, and the Infinity Veil [1]

The Burning of Hedge Wizard Muntjac of the Mountain [2]