Success in Forgotten Runes

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As mentioned in our weekly Cult meeting, Wizard Wednesday, success at Forgotten Runes means earnest creation. The only thing the cult asks is to create in earnest. And you might ask why? Why are we creating?

Because of stories. If science tell you what the world is, stories tell you how to be. Stories are what let us understand our history, our families, our familiars, ourselves. Stories help you understand what path you should take and what consequences or rewards might be on the other side.

Create in earnest. Whatever the medium. That's what we're going to prioritize when we do airdrops and we'll get more sophisticated as we go.

Forgotten Runes exists to ease suffering, create joy, and bring order to chaos by telling stories of the characters in the Runiverse.

So it's not about the airdrops. The airdrops are providing storytelling resources to the storytellers. If you want to succeed in the cult, tell stories.