The Slime Pits

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The Slime Pits in the Nightmare Dominion

In the Runiverse

Though slime deposits can be found all over the Runiverse, The Slime Pits of the Nightmare Dominion are the largest known reservoir of slime. Many varieties are found here, particularly Devil Slime, which is a hot commodity in Goblin Town. The Slime Pits are a place of grotesque beauty, the shiny ooze coating nearly every surface with pinks, orange, green, blues, and other slimy colors. It bubbles and erupts with gurgling sounds while releasing pungent gasses, and gives the areas quite a distinct sound and smell. It is difficult to traverse this region, for one never knows when the next step will find solid footing, or plunge one deep into a slimy sinkhole from which escape is impossible. In some pockets, the slime has seemed to gain sentience, and moves about with uncanny awareness. Strange plants and animals thrive in the slime pits, particularly amphibians like frogs and salamanders, who wallow in the moist slime all day. The slime covers many secrets, long forgotten treasures, relics, and remains of life are buried deep in it's gelatinous layers.

The Slime Pits are located in the southwestern part of the known Runiverse. The Slime Pits lie within the Nightmare Dominion.

The Slime Pits
The Slime Pits

Forgotten Runiverse Game

The Slime Pits is located at (x, y) in the game. To get there, head due southwest from the origin.