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In the Runiverse

The Grimoire Grove is located in the center part of the known Runiverse. It is situated in the triangle between the Frog Master Marsh, the Thorn and the Fey.


The Grimoire Grove is a medieval city that is steeped in magic and history. The tower at its center is a towering structure built by wizards throughout the ages, and it is said to be impenetrable by any means. The city walls surrounding the tower are also fortified, providing protection for the inhabitants within.

Within the city walls, there are eight different quarters where the population lives, each grouped by trade. The quarter for the rich is a place of grandeur and luxury, where the wealthy and mighty reside. The other quarters have more humble dwellings and are home to artisans, merchants, and other common folk.

The city is home to around seven thousand inhabitants, with additional 7 settlements and villages located outside the city walls. These settlements have ominous names that reflect the city's reputation for dread and danger. A river runs through the city, providing a source of water and a means of transportation.

There are several taverns, inns, and brothels located throughout the city, catering to the needs of the city's inhabitants and visitors. These establishments are known for their lively atmosphere and rowdy patrons, and are often frequented by the city's soldiers, sailors, and traders.

The Grimoire Grove is a place of contrasts, where the rich live in opulence while the poor struggle to make ends meet. It's a city where magic is commonplace, but also a place where danger lurks around every corner. It's a place of mystery and intrigue, where rumors and legends are passed down from generation to generation. Overall, the Grimoire Grove is a place of wonder and dark secrets, both for its inhabitants and for any traveler that dare to the top.

To the east

The road to the east of the Grimoire Grove leads to the Spike, a mysterious monument of magical heritage. The Spike is a tall, imposing structure, probably made of dark stone, that pierces the sky. It's said to be the source of powerful magic and many wizards seek to study it, while others fear its power and avoid it. The Spike is surrounded by a dense forest, and it's said that strange creatures and spirits lurk within its shadows. Many tales and legends surround the Spike, and it's considered to be a place of great power and danger.

To the west

To the west of the Grimoire Grove lies the Nightmare Dominion, a dark and twisted realm where the very fabric of reality is corrupted by the power of nightmares. The Nightmare Dominion is home to all manner of monstrous creatures, as well as powerful sorcerers and warlocks who have made pacts with the dark powers that rule the realm. The Nightmare Dominion is a place where the laws of nature do not apply, and where strange and terrifying phenomena are commonplace. It's said that those who enter the Nightmare Dominion rarely return, and that those who do are forever changed by the horrors they have seen. The Grimoire Grove would have a strong defense system and guards to protect the city from the nightmares that come out of the Dominion.


Inner City


The Crimson Quarter

The red light district of Grimoire Grove is known as "The Crimson Quarter" and is located in the southernmost part of the city, outside of the main city walls. It is a maze of narrow, winding streets and dimly lit alleys that are lined with wooden buildings and taverns. The streets are always bustling with activity, as merchants, performers, and various other shady characters ply their trade.

The buildings in the Crimson Quarter are made of dark, weathered wood, and are adorned with red lanterns that flicker in the night. The taverns and brothels are the most prominent establishments in the quarter, offering a wide range of services and entertainments to patrons. These establishments are often run by powerful and influential figures within the city, and they are known to be fiercely competitive.

Despite the seedy nature of the quarter, it is also home to many artists, musicians, and other creative types who are drawn to the vibrant atmosphere and freedom of expression that it offers. The quarter is also where many of the city's outcasts and marginalized individuals make their homes, including the dwarves and other races that are not accepted in the rest of the city.

It is a bustling and lively place, with a lot of different characters in it, but it also has a dark side with a lot of criminal activities like prostitution, drug dealing, and gambling taking place in the shadows. It is a place where one must always be aware of their surroundings and watch out for pickpockets and other dangers lurking around every corner.

The Silver Quarter

The Silver Quarter, located in the inner city of Grimoire Grove, is the wealthiest and most exclusive part of the city. The quarter is home to the city's elite, including the wealthy merchants and powerful nobles. The streets are lined with grand and ornate buildings, many of which are adorned with intricate carvings, statues, and other decorative elements.

The buildings themselves are made of the finest materials, such as marble and stone, and are often several stories tall. Many of the houses have large gardens and courtyards, and some even have private stables for horses.

The streets of the Silver Quarter are clean and well-maintained, and the residents take great pride in their neighborhood. They employ a large staff of servants to keep their homes and streets in order, and there are also guards on patrol to keep the peace.

The Silver Quarter is also home to some of the city's finest shops and boutiques, where the residents can purchase the latest fashions and luxuries. There are also several exclusive taverns and inns where the elite can dine and entertain guests.

It is a symbol of wealth and power in Grimoire Grove, and it is a place where the elite can flaunt their status and enjoy the finer things in life.

The Iron Quarter

The Iron Quarter is the rough and tough side of town. It's where the blacksmiths, armorers, and weaponsmiths set up shop. The streets are gritty and dirty, with a constant clanging of hammers ringing in the air. The buildings are made of dark, soot-covered stone and the streets are lined with carts filled with raw materials and finished weapons.

The locals here are no-nonsense types, all about getting the job done and making a living. They're a tough bunch, but they're also fiercely loyal to their own. They'll give you a fair shake if you show them respect, but cross them and you'll have a fight on your hands.

The Iron Quarter is also home to a lot of the city's less savory characters, like thieves and cutthroats. But it's also where you'll find the best taverns, serving up strong ale and hearty food. You'll find gambling dens and brothels too, if that's your thing.

It's a place where you gotta watch your back, but it's also the place where you'll find the most honest deals in the city. It's not a place for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for a good time or a good weapon, the Iron Quarter is the place to be.

The Silk Quarter

The Silk Quarter is an opulent and luxurious district of Grimoire Grove, located in the northernmost corner of the city. It is home to the wealthy and powerful citizens of Grimoire Grove, and is characterized by its grandiose architecture, ornate decoration, and sumptuous gardens. The streets are lined with stately townhouses and grand palaces, each adorned with intricate carvings, gilded trim, and marble facades. The district is also home to some of the finest merchants and artisans of the city, who ply their trade in opulent shops and boutiques that offer the finest goods and services.

The Silk Quarter is renowned for its elegance and refinement, and is a place where one can indulge in the finer things in life. The district is home to some of the most renowned eateries and taverns in the city, where one can savor the finest foods and wines. The district is also home to the city's most prestigious theaters, opera houses and concert halls, where one can enjoy the most refined and sophisticated forms of entertainment.

The district is also home to several parks and gardens, where one can take leisurely strolls and enjoy the beauty of nature. The gardens are tended by skilled gardeners, who ensure that the district remains a verdant and picturesque oasis in the midst of the city. The gardens are adorned with fountains, statues and marble pavilions, and are a popular spot for the residents of the district to gather and socialize.

The Stone Quarter

The Stone Quarter, also known as the "Rough Quarter", is a gritty and rough-around-the-edges area of the city. The streets here are narrow and winding, and the buildings are made of grey stone that has been stained black from the soot and grime of the smithies and forges that line the streets. The air is thick with the smell of burning coal and the sound of hammers clanging against metal.

The inhabitants of this quarter are mostly working-class folks who make their living through manual labor and trades like blacksmithing, stonemasonry, and carpentry. They're a hardy bunch, used to working long hours in harsh conditions, and they tend to be a bit rough around the edges themselves.

The taverns here are rowdy and lively, with patrons drowning their sorrows in cheap ale and strong spirits after a long day's work. The brawls that break out here are legendary, and it's not uncommon to see a drunken smith or carpenter stumbling through the streets, shouting obscenities and looking for a fight.

Despite the rough exterior, the people of the Stone Quarter are a tight-knit community who look out for one another. They may not have much, but they're fiercely loyal to their own and will stand up for each other against anyone who tries to push them around.

It's not the safest or most refined area of the city, but it's home to the people who keep the city running, and they're proud of it.

The Glass Quarter

The Glass Quarter is a glittering, radiant place, bathed in the warm light of the sun. The streets here are lined with grand, elegant buildings made of glass and marble, their walls and roofs shimmering in the bright light. The residents of this quarter are among the most affluent and prestigious in the city, and they take great pride in the opulence and splendor of their homes and businesses.

The streets here are wide and well-maintained, lined with lush gardens and fountains that sparkle in the sunlight. The buildings are adorned with intricate mosaics and carvings, and many have large windows that allow the light to pour in, making the streets feel bright and airy. The people here are well-dressed and sophisticated, and they move about their business with a sense of purpose and poise.

The Glass Quarter is home to many of the city's finest shops, restaurants, and taverns, where the wealthy and powerful come to dine and drink. The taverns here are known for their fine wines and ales, and the restaurants are famous for their delicious, exotic foods. The shops here sell the finest silks, jewels, and other luxury goods, and the merchants here are known for their honesty and fairness.

The Wood Quarter

The Wood Quarter is an area of the city that is characterized by its rustic and rugged ambiance. The streets here are lined with rough-hewn timber buildings, each one housing the workshops and abodes of carpenters, woodworkers, and other craftsmen who ply their trade using the natural materials of the forest. The air here is redolent with the sweet scent of sawdust and freshly cut wood, and the sounds of hammering and sawing can be heard at all hours of the day and night.

Despite its rough exterior, the Wood Quarter is a bustling and lively area, filled with the sounds of saws and hammers, the chatter of merchants and craftsmen, and the bustle of workers as they go about their daily tasks. The streets are narrow and winding, and many of the buildings are built at odd angles to one another, giving the quarter a slightly haphazard feel. Despite this, the Wood Quarter is an important hub of commerce, and many of the city's most skilled and talented craftsmen can be found here.

The Wood Quarter is not the most glamorous place in the city, but it is certainly one of the most rugged and natural. The streets are lined with tall trees, and the sound of the river can be heard in the distance. The inhabitants of the Wood Quarter are hardworking people, and they make up the backbone of the city. They may not be the wealthiest, but they are proud of their trade and their skills. They are the ones that keep the city running, and they are respected for their hard work and dedication.

The Water Quarter

The Water Quarter is a bustling and lively area, where the constant ebb and flow of the river creates a sense of movement and energy. The streets here are narrow and winding, lined with the boats and ships of the local fishermen and boat builders. The air is thick with the smell of saltwater and fish, and the sound of hammers pounding against wood and ropes creaking against masts fills the ears.

The inhabitants of the Water Quarter are a hardy and resilient bunch, accustomed to the harsh realities of life on the river. They are a close-knit community, united by their reliance on the river for their livelihoods. The men and women here are strong and rough, their skin weathered and their hands calloused from years of manual labor. They are fiercely independent, and fiercely protective of their home.

Despite the harshness of their surroundings, the people of the Water Quarter possess a deep sense of pride in their work and their community. They are fiercely loyal to each other, and to the city of Grimoire Grove as a whole. They are a vital part of the city, providing the food and resources that keep the rest of the population alive and thriving. And, though their quarter may not be as grand or as prosperous as some of the others in the city, it is no less important or valuable.

Special Buildings and places

Market Place

The market is a bustling place, with vendors selling all manner of goods, from fresh produce and meats, to handcrafted goods and magical potions. The streets are lined with merchants hawking their wares, and the sounds of haggling and bargaining fill the air. The buildings surrounding the market are tall and imposing, with intricate carvings and statues adorning the facades. These buildings belong to the wealthy merchants and traders who control much of the city's economy.

The scale in the center of the market is used to weigh goods and ensure fair trade. The weight master, a gruff and no-nonsense individual, keeps a close eye on the scales to ensure that no one is cheating. The marketplace is also the place where justice is dispensed, and those who break the law are brought before the city's judges to face punishment. The punishments can range from fines to imprisonment, and in the most severe cases, exile or execution.

The market is also a place where travelers and adventurers can come to find work and gather information. Many of the merchants and traders are looking for guards to protect their caravans, or brave souls to escort them on dangerous journeys. It is a place of opportunity for those who dare to take it.

All around the market, the city walls loom high and the guards keep a watchful eye over the proceedings. The city is a place of danger and opportunity, where the strong survive and the weak are left behind.

The Grand Dotta Temple

The Grand Dotta Temple stands tall and imposing in the center of Grimoire Grove, its gleaming silver and gold exterior reflecting the light of the sun. The entrance is adorned with intricate engravings and symbols, all of which are said to hold hidden meanings known only to the most learned members of the cult. Inside, the temple is a marvel of technology and engineering, with advanced machinery and complex systems that keep the temple running smoothly.

The main hall of the temple is a grand chamber, filled with rows of pews that face a massive altar at the far end of the room. The altar is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, made of gleaming marble and adorned with intricate engravings and symbols. At the center of the altar stands a statue of Dotta himself, depicted as a muppet-like doll with flaming red hair and cool sunglasses. The statue is said to be enchanted with powerful magic that allows it to communicate with the faithful and offer guidance and wisdom.

The temple is also home to the cult's library, which contains a vast collection of books and scrolls on all manner of subjects, from programming and cryptography to economics and market analysis. The library is open to all members of the cult, and many spend hours poring over the ancient texts, seeking knowledge and enlightenment.

The temple is also the center of the cult's activities, hosting regular meetings and ceremonies, as well as training sessions for new initiates. The cult's most powerful members, known as the Grand Masters, hold court here, dispensing wisdom and guidance to the faithful. The temple is also home to the cult's most sacred artifacts, including the fabled "Forgotten Runes," said to hold the key to untold power and knowledge.

Overall the Grand Dotta Temple is a place of great power and prestige, both in the Runiverse and in Grimoire Grove. It's a place where the wisdom of the past is combined with the cutting edge technology of the present to create a better future.

The temple is also home to a group of priests and priestesses who serve as the spiritual leaders of the city.

on a large screen on several of the walls the following is to be read

In the temple of Dotta, grand and grandiose,

Lies the source of all knowledge, for those who will propose.

With crypto in hand and tech at his feet,

He codes and creates, his mind ever fleet.

With flames in his hair and shades on his face,

He guides us through markets, with skill and grace.

Wisdom in programming and crypto to know,

He leads us to greatness, with each line he'll compose.

In the temple of Dotta, we come to learn,

To master the machines, and let our skills burn.

For knowledge is power, and power is might,

In the temple of Dotta, we'll code into the night.

With each line of code, we put our mark on the world,

In the temple of Dotta, our futures unfurled.

For technology is the key, to unlock new doors,

In the temple of Dotta, we'll always soar.

So come, all ye techies, and pay your respects,

To the master of machines, who never neglects.

To share his knowledge, and show us the way,

In the temple of Dotta, we'll learn and play.

The Stable of Elf

The place of worship for ElfJTrul in Grimoire Grove is a grand, imposing structure that looms over the rest of the city. The building is made of dark stone, with intricate carvings of goats and other horned creatures adorning its walls. The entrance is marked by a pair of large, ornately-carved wooden doors, which are guarded by fierce-looking statues of goats.

Inside, the temple is dimly lit by flickering torches, casting long shadows across the stone floor. The air is thick with the scent of incense and burning candles. At the far end of the temple, there is a large statue of ElfJTrul himself, depicted as a powerful goat with horns, holding a skull in one hand. The statue is surrounded by a ring of smaller statues and carvings of other mythical creatures.

The temple is also home to a stable, which is home to a number of goats that are kept and tended to by the priests of the temple. These goats are sacred to the followers of ElfJTrul, and are believed to be imbued with his magic. The stable is well-kept, with fresh straw on the floor and troughs of food and water for the goats.

Throughout the day, worshippers can be seen coming and going from the temple, some to offer prayers and offerings, others to seek guidance or to participate in the weekly cult meeting "Wizard Wednesday"

The temple is a place of great reverence and awe, a place where the followers of ElfJTrul can come to connect with the magic and power of their god. It is also a place of learning and contemplation, where the priests of the temple teach the wisdom of the Goat and the history of the Runiverse.

An inscription on a large stone tablet says:

With horns upon his head,

Our goat, our leader, ElfJTrul, is led

Through art and magic he does tread,

Guiding us with wisdom and ahead

Put your rune on the door,

Leave your mark, forever more

In the world of the Runiverse,

Make your presence known, don't reverse

Lore is at the core,

Of the teachings that he implores

In the temple that bears his name,

We gather to honor and acclaim

With skull in hand, he casts his spell,

Guiding us through tales and hell

Let us all learn from his art,

And stay true to the Runiverse heart

So put your rune on the door,

And let the magic forever soar

In the temple of ElfJTrul,

We'll always stay true to the lore.

The Cave of the Bearsnake

The place of worship for Bearsnake in Grimoire Grove is a grand cave located at the base of the towering cliffs that encircle the city. The entrance to the cave is adorned with intricate carvings of bears and snakes, symbolizing Bearsnakes unique nature as both a bear and a snake. The walls of the cave are adorned with intricate frescoes depicting Bearsnake in various poses, from mediating disputes between Dotta and ElfJTrul, to striking deals and making connections with other powerful figures in the Runiverse.

As you enter the cave, you are greeted by the sound of trickling water, as a small stream flows through the center of the cave, leading to a large pool at the back of the cave. The water is said to have mystical properties, said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who drink from it.

As you walk deeper into the cave, you will come across several smaller alcoves, each adorned with offerings and gifts to Bearsnake. These offerings are said to bring the favor of Bearsnake and aid in the making of deals and connections. The cave also has several statues of bears and snakes, as well as other creatures that are sacred to Bearsnake.

At the back of the cave, there is a large chamber where the weekly gatherings of Bearsnake's followers take place. The chamber is lit by torches, casting a warm and inviting glow throughout the space. Here, his followers gather to hear his wisdom and advice on how to make deals and build connections in the Runiverse. After the meeting, people often stay to socialize, drink and make new friends, or even strike new deals.

The cave is - when visiting Grimoire Grove - also home to Bearsnake himself, who is said to spend most of his time in the cave, mediating disputes and making deals. It is said that those who are able to gain an audience with Bearsnake in the cave are often able to secure powerful allies or strike valuable deals.

Worshippers who enter the cave will go through a veil on which is written:

Beneath the dark and jagged rocks

Where echoes of the river mock

Lies the cave of Bearsnake grand

Where deals are made and hands are shook at hand

With fur of bear and eyes so wise

He mediates between the skies and skies

With words as smooth as honeyed wine

He'll make the toughest deal align

In his lair of stone and misty light

He'll show you the way to make things right

With laughter and a jolly grin

He'll bring you in and make you spin

So put your mark on the world with pride

And come and see what Bearsnake has inside

With party and a hearty cheer

He'll make the troubles disappear

For in his cave of revelry and might

He'll guide you through the darkest night

With wisdom, wit and a steady hand

He'll lead you to the promised land.

The Majors Castle

The city also has a large castle, located on the highest point of the city, which serves as the residence of the major and his family. The castle is heavily fortified, with high walls and a moat, and is guarded by a small army of warriors. Inside the castle is a grand hall, where the major holds court and receives visitors, and several smaller chambers for the major and his family to reside in.

The dungeons

The dungeons beneath Grimoire Grove are a labyrinthine network of ancient passageways and chambers, steeped in mystery and intrigue. They are the stuff of legend, whispered about in hushed tones by the residents of the tower. The depths of the dungeons are said to be home to untold riches and ancient wisdom, but also untold dangers. But for the brave and adventurous, the lure of the unknown is too great to resist.

One of the entrances to these dungeons lies hidden away in the Stone Quarter, near the base of the tower. It is an unassuming door, set into the stone wall, with a large iron ring for a handle. But for those in the know, the door is a portal to a world of adventure and excitement. The door is thick and heavy, but as you push it open, the musty smell of ancient stone and damp earth wafts out to greet you. The stairway down is steep and winding, and as you descend, the light from the entrance above fades and is replaced by the flickering glow of torches set into the walls.

As you reach the bottom of the stairway, the passageway opens up into a grand chamber, filled with the hustle and bustle of adventurers and merchants. This is the hub of activity for those venturing into the dungeons. Here, you can find guides, equipment, and companions for your journey, as well as tales of the perils and rewards that await you deeper in the depths. The air is thick with the sounds of clanking armor, the murmur of excited voices, and the clink of gold coins.

The walls are adorned with maps and tapestries, depicting the various levels and chambers of the dungeons, as well as illustrations of the monsters and treasures that can be found within. The excitement and anticipation in the air is palpable, as you feel the thrill of the unknown calling out to you. This is your chance to make your mark on the world and to uncover the secrets of the past. Will you answer the call and put your rune on the door?


The Murder Guild

The building of the murder guild is a tall, imposing structure made of black stone. It is located in a secluded part of the city, surrounded by high walls and guarded by heavily armed guards. The entrance is a large, ornate door made of dark wood and adorned with intricate carvings of weapons and skulls.

Inside, the building is dimly lit, with torches lining the walls. The floors are made of cold, smooth stone and the walls are adorned with tapestries depicting battles and gruesome scenes of violence. The halls are lined with suits of armor and weapons of all types, and a large fireplace burns in the central hall.

The main hall of the guild is a large room filled with tables and chairs where the guild members gather to plan and discuss their next assassinations and other nefarious deeds. The room is filled with the murmur of voices and the clink of glasses as the guild members make their deals and alliances.

The guild also has a training hall where members practice their combat skills and hone their deadly abilities. The room is equipped with various training equipment and weapons and is often filled with the sounds of clashing swords and the grunts of exertion.

Overall the building exudes a sense of danger and menace, fitting for a guild of assassins and murderers.

The Pony Guild

The building of the Pony Guild is a large stable-like structure, located on the outskirts of the city, near the farmland. The exterior of the building is made of wood and stone, and it is painted in a deep red color, with a large sign hanging above the entrance that depicts a galloping pony. The roof is made of thatch and is steeply pitched to allow for the snow to slide off in the winter.

Inside, the building is divided into several sections. The first section is the main stable area, where the ponies are kept. The stable is large and well-ventilated, with high ceilings and large windows that let in plenty of light. The stalls are made of wood and are well-maintained, with clean straw bedding and fresh water available at all times. The ponies are well-groomed and well-fed, and they all seem to be happy and content.

The second section is the training area. This is where the ponies are trained to race and perform tricks. The training area is equipped with obstacle courses, jumps, and other equipment designed to test the ponies' agility and speed. The trainers are skilled and experienced, and they work closely with the ponies to help them reach their full potential.

The third section is the office of the guild master. It is a small room located at the back of the building. The office is simple and functional, with a desk, a few chairs, and a few shelves filled with books and papers. The guild master is a skilled and experienced pony trainer, and he is well-respected by the members of the guild.

Overall, the building of the Pony Guild is a well-maintained, functional and efficient place that is dedicated to the care and training of ponies. It's a bustling place, with many people coming and going, always a lot of activity and excitement. With the smell of hay, ponies and the sound of neighing and the clapping of hooves, it is a lively place that is always full of energy and life.

The Hall of Cats

The building of the Hall of Cats guild is a grand and imposing structure, designed to reflect the regal and powerful nature of the cats themselves. The exterior is made of sleek black stone, with intricate carvings of cats and their prey adorning the walls. The entrance is guarded by two large statues of lionesses, standing sentinel on either side of the door.

Inside, the building is decorated with rich tapestries and ornate furnishings, all featuring images of cats in various poses and settings. The main hall is dominated by a large fireplace, where a fire burns constantly, providing warmth and light. The walls are lined with shelves and display cases filled with trophies and artifacts from the guild's many hunting expeditions.

The guild's council chamber is located on the second floor, accessible by a grand staircase. The chamber is a large, circular room with a high ceiling, adorned with frescoes depicting scenes of cats hunting and lounging in their natural habitats. The council table is made of dark wood and is surrounded by comfortable chairs.

The guild also has a training room, where members can practice and hone their skills in various forms of hunting and combat, such as archery, sword fighting, and hand-to-hand combat. There is also a library, where members can study and learn about the history and lore of cats and their allies.

The guild is also home to a large library, where the knowledge and secrets of the guild are kept. The library is said to contain ancient texts on cat magic and the history of the guild. The Hall of Cats is also a place for training and sparring. This is where young cats learn the art of war and how to use their feline abilities to the fullest.

Overall, the building of the Hall of Cats guild is a grand and majestic place, befitting of the powerful and noble creatures it represents.

The coders guild

The building of the Coders Guild is a large, modern structure with clean lines and a minimalist design. It is made of sleek, dark metal and glass, and is adorned with intricate patterns of circuit boards and binary code. The entrance is a large, glass door that slides open with a wave of a hand, revealing a spacious lobby with high ceilings and white marble floors. The walls are adorned with large screens displaying scrolling lines of code and data visualization.

As you enter, you are greeted by a group of programmers and engineers, all hard at work on various projects. They sit at desks with multiple monitors and keyboards, typing away at a frantic pace. The air is thick with the sound of clicking keys and the hum of servers. There are workstations everywhere, with large screens displaying complex algorithms and data sets.

The guild's library is located on the second floor, filled with rows of shelves containing books and journals on computer science and programming. There is also a small theater where guild members give presentations and lectures on their work.

The building also has a spacious laboratory where members can experiment with new technologies and prototypes. Here you can see prototypes of robots, drones and other devices that are being developed by the guild.

The guild also has a central control room, where the Dotta, the leader of the guild, can monitor the progress of all the guild members and their projects. The control room is a high-tech, secure area, with advanced surveillance equipment and advanced security measures to protect the guild's valuable data and technology.

Overall, the building of the Coders Guild is a testament to the power and importance of technology in the Runiverse, and a symbol of the guild's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of fantasy and fiction.

The milk guild

The building of the Milk Guild is a large, open structure that is designed to resemble a dairy farm. The main entrance is a large barn door that leads into a large open room that is filled with rows of tables and chairs. The walls are lined with shelves and cabinets filled with all sorts of milk-making equipment and supplies. There is a large fireplace in the center of the room that is used to heat milk and make cheese.

The second floor of the building is where the guild members work. Here you will find several large rooms filled with computers and other electronic equipment. The walls are covered in whiteboards and there are posters and diagrams everywhere. The guild leader's office is located at the end of the hallway and is a large room with a desk, several computers and a large window that provides a view of the city. The room is always busy with guild members coming and going, discussing new projects, and working on code.

The guild is focused on making the best milk and milk-based products possible. They are constantly experimenting with new techniques and ingredients to create the highest-quality milk and dairy products. They also help farmers to improve the quality of their milk and to increase the yield of their cows. The guild is well-respected and is known for its high-quality products and for its innovative approach to milk production.

The art and lore guild

The dwelling of the Art and Lore Guild is a grand and impressive structure, with intricate architectural details and a sense of history and tradition. The exterior of the building is made of a warm-colored stone, with tall columns and a grand entrance. The entrance is guarded by statues of famous artists and scholars from the Runiverse's past.

As you enter the building, the first thing you notice is the high ceilings and the natural light that floods the space. The main hall is adorned with beautiful frescoes, tapestries and murals, depicting scenes from the Runiverse's history and mythology. The walls are lined with shelves upon shelves of books, manuscripts and scrolls, covering a wide range of subjects such as art, literature, history, philosophy, and magic.

There is also a section dedicated to displaying artworks by the guild's members. A variety of styles and mediums are represented, from paintings and sculptures to pottery and metalwork. The guild also has a large collection of rare and ancient artifacts, collected from all over the Runiverse.

The building also houses a number of workshops and studios where guild members can practice their craft. There are spaces for painting and drawing, pottery and sculpture, and even a library where members can study and research.

The guild also has a small performance space, where members can put on plays, concerts and other performances. The guild hall is home to many of the Runiverse's most renowned artists and scholars, and it is a place where creativity, knowledge and inspiration come together.

The goblins pits

The building of the Goblin Pits Guild is a large, imposing structure made of dark stone and wood. It sits in the northernmost corner of the city, close to the city walls and the gate that leads to Goblin Town. The building is adorned with carvings and symbols of goblins and other subterranean creatures, and the walls are adorned with banners and flags bearing the symbol of the guild.

Inside, the building is dimly lit, with torches lining the walls and casting flickering shadows on the stone floor. The main hall is a large open space with a pit in the center, where goblin gladiators and fighters train and compete. The walls are lined with weapons and armor, and there is a large fireplace where the goblin fighters gather to tell stories and share news from the north.

The guild also contains a training area, where goblin fighters can practice and hone their skills, as well as a room where goblin fighters can rest and recover. There is also a room where goblin fighters can be fitted with weapons and armor, and a room where goblin fighters can be treated for injuries.

The Guildmaster of the Goblin Pits Guild is a powerful goblin warrior, who is respected and feared by all. The Guildmaster is responsible for organizing the goblin fights and training the goblin fighters, and is also responsible for maintaining the guild's relations with Goblin Town. The guild members are mostly goblins and other subterranean creatures, but also includes fighters from other races that have proven their worth in the pits.


The city of Grimoire Grove is known to be a haven for all sorts of creatures from the realm of fantasy, including goblins and kobolds. The goblins and kobolds, like many of the other inhabitants of the Grimoire Grove, are known to be mischievous and cunning. They are known to be skilled in thievery and deception, and they often use their skills to take advantage of the other inhabitants of the city.

The goblins and kobolds often live in the more rundown and poverty-stricken areas of the city, such as the Shadow Vale and the Crypt of Sorrows. They are known to be fiercely territorial and will defend their homes and possessions with great ferocity. They often work together to form criminal organizations and engage in illegal activities such as extortion, racketeering and smuggling.

Despite their reputation, there are also some goblins and kobolds who are trying to live a more honest life. They work hard to provide for their families and are respected by the other inhabitants of the city. They are also often employed by the wealthy and powerful inhabitants of the city as guards, messengers or in other menial tasks.

Overall, the Grimoire Grove is a place where different races and cultures coexist with all their diversity, conflicts, and harmony. In the end, everyone is trying to survive and make a living in the best way they can in a world full of wonder and magic.


There are warriors know to be related to the Grimoire Grove and here is their names and perhaps stories.

Find here a list of all

Glorga, Contaminator of the Dread Tower

Glorga is a powerful goblin leader and the major of Grimoire Grove, the capital city of the Runiverse. He resides in the city hall, and has a strong connection to the goblin pits guild, which is heavily influenced by the culture and traditions of the goblin town in the north. Glorga is known for his shrewd negotiation skills and his ability to navigate the complex political landscape of Grimoire Grove. He is also a respected member of the community, known for his strong sense of justice and fairness. Despite his fearsome reputation, Glorga is also known to have a softer side, and is known to be a loving family man who cares deeply for his kin and his community. Overall, Glorga is a complex figure, respected and feared by many in the Runiverse, but also loved and admired by those who know him well.

Benedict Wounder of the Grimoire Grove

Outer City - The settlements

The Crypt of Sorrows

The Crypt of Sorrows is a small settlement located on the outskirts of the Grimoire Grove. It is known for its dark and macabre atmosphere, as well as its inhabitants who are mostly outcasts and recluses. The settlement is built around an ancient crypt that is said to be haunted by the spirits of the dead. The crypt is built of large stones and is surrounded by a high wall, with a single entrance that is always guarded by two heavily armed guards. The crypt is said to contain the remains of powerful sorcerers and witches who have long since passed away.

The houses in the Crypt of Sorrows are small, dark and gloomy, with boarded-up windows and doors. The streets are narrow and winding, and the air is thick with the smell of death and decay. The inhabitants of the Crypt of Sorrows are a strange and mysterious lot. They are known to be skilled in the art of necromancy, and many of them are rumored to have made pacts with dark forces to gain power. They are feared and avoided by the rest of the population of the Grimoire Grove, and few dare to enter the Crypt of Sorrows after dark.

The crypt is also a place of pilgrimage for many necromancers, dark sorcerers and other practitioners of forbidden magic. It's a place where the laws of the Grimoire Grove are not applied and people do whatever they please. It's said that the spirits of the powerful sorcerers and witches who rest there, still hold some of their power, and it's a place where people can seek their blessings or their curses.

The Asylum of Nightmares

The Asylum of Nightmares is a settlement located on the outskirts of the city of Grimoire Grove. It's known for its dark and unsettling atmosphere. The settlement is surrounded by a tall, wrought iron fence that's adorned with twisted, gnarled branches and other ominous symbols. The gates to the settlement are always kept locked and guarded by heavily armed guards who are known to be fiercely loyal to their employer.

The settlement is comprised of several large, imposing buildings made of dark stone and adorned with gargoyles and other terrifying statues. These buildings are where the inhabitants of the settlement live, work and sleep. Inside, the buildings are dimly lit and filled with shadows, making it difficult to see. The air is thick with the smell of incense and other pungent odors.

The settlement is home to a variety of terrifying creatures and beings, including mad scientists, necromancers, demonologists, and other practitioners of dark magic. They are known to conduct twisted experiments and rituals in the name of knowledge, power, or perhaps sheer madness. They are said to be able to summon and control the forces of darkness, and it is said that the screams of their victims can be heard at night.

Despite its grim reputation, the Asylum of Nightmares is a place of great power and knowledge, and many powerful wizards and sorcerers seek out the inhabitants of the settlement to learn their secrets. It is also a place where many of the unwanted, outcast, and rejected citizens of Grimoire Grove end up, as they have no other place to go.


The farmland to the south of the Grimoire Grove is an important source of food for the population. The fields are tended by farmers and their families, who grow a variety of crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables, and fruits. The farmland is divided into smaller plots, each one tended by a different family or group of families. The farmers use traditional methods of farming, such as plows pulled by horses or oxen, and irrigation to water their crops during dry seasons. They also use crop rotation to maintain soil fertility, and keep livestock such as cows, pigs, sheep and chickens for milk, meat, eggs and wool. The farmland is protected by a fence to keep out wild animals and raiders. The Grimoire Grove has a strong relationship with the farmers.

Mysticism, History and Legend

The Mardorians

The Mardorians were a long-lost culture of humanoid beings that existed in the Runiverse thousands of years ago. They were known for their advanced technology and magical abilities, with many among them being skilled in wizardry and clerical arts. They were a diverse group, consisting of wizards, clerics, technicians, peasants, craftsmen, and many other professions. They built great machines and portals that could take them to other parts of the Runiverse, and lived in a vast network of cities and dwellings that have since been buried beneath the surface.

Primarily a peaceful people, with a strong sense of community and cooperation valueing knowledge and progress, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what was possible with their technology and magic. They had a deep reverence for the natural world, and worked in harmony with the land, rather than exploiting it. They were a proud culture, with a rich history and culture. But, a cataclysmic event led to the downfall of their civilization and the Mardorians are now extinct. Nevertheless, their legacy and artifacts still can be found in the many dungeons across the Runiverse.

The Mardorian portals

The technology and magic behind the portals of the Mardorians was truly a marvel to behold. They were master builders, inventors, and engineers, and they had developed a unique method of harnessing the power of the Runiverse to create stable, reliable portals that could transport people and goods between their cities in mere moments.

The portals were built from a combination of advanced machinery and powerful arcane runes, which were inscribed on the portals themselves and activated by skilled technicians and wizards. These runes were said to be the key to the portals' functionality, imbuing them with the ability to manipulate the very fabric of space and time. The Mardorians had discovered how to access the hidden energies that flowed throughout the Runiverse, and they used them to create a network of transportation that was unmatched by anything else in their time. The portals were not just a way to travel but also a way to connect the cities and the people, they were a way to communicate and share knowledge, culture and goods.

The people

The Mardorians are a proud and powerful race of humanoids, standing tall at an average height of around 6 feet. Their skin is a deep, rich bronze color and their hair ranges from jet black to a fiery red. Their eyes are striking, with a piercing golden or silver color that seems to reflect the light of the Runiverse.

Their physiques are strong and athletic, with well-defined muscles and a natural grace to their movements. They possess a keen intelligence and a mastery of magic and technology. They are able to harness the power of the elements, from the fierce flames of fire to the gentle winds of air.

The Mardorians are known for their intricate and ornate clothing and jewelry, often adorned with symbols and runes of power. They carry themselves with a regal bearing, radiating a sense of authority and confidence.

Their culture values knowledge and wisdom, and they have a deep understanding of the Runiverse and its workings. They were builders of great machines and constructors of portals, allowing them to travel to far-off places with ease.

Despite their powerful abilities, the Mardorians were also known for their compassion and empathy. They were deeply connected to the natural world and worked to preserve it for future generations.

The downfall of the Mardorians

The cataclysmic event that brought about the downfall of the Mardorian culture was a great war. A war that lasted for centuries, fought between the Mardorians and an ancient race of powerful sorcerers known as the Necromancers. The Necromancers sought to gain control of the Mardorian's advanced technology and magical portals, and they were willing to stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

The Mardorians, despite their advanced technology and powerful magic, were no match for the Necromancers' dark powers. They fought bravely, but the Necromancers' army of undead warriors and twisted abominations proved to be too much for them to handle.

The war took a heavy toll on the Mardorians, both in terms of lives lost and the destruction of their cities and portals. In the end, the Necromancers emerged victorious, and the Mardorians were forced to retreat underground.

But, even though the Mardorians were safe in their underground cities, the war had taken its toll on them. Their numbers dwindled and their technology began to fail. In the end, the Mardorians were forced to seal themselves away, to protect what was left of their culture and technology.

And thus, the Mardorians faded into obscurity, their underground cities and fortresses becoming nothing more than legends and myths. But, their portals remain, waiting to be discovered by brave adventurers and the knowledge and technology of the Mardorians waits to be rediscovered and put to use once more.

The Spike
The Spike

Forgotten Runiverse Game

The Grimoire Grove is located at (x, y) in the game. To get there, head due southwest from the origin.