Dread Tower

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In the Runiverse

The Dread Tower

The stronghold of nightmares, carved from darkness itself. The Dread Tower is constructed from a smooth, reflective black stone that absorbs all light and hope. Grotesque gargoyles swarm it arches, with jagged, asymmetrical spires reaching toward the sky like the cold fingers of an eldritch monstrosity.

The tower's surface is etched with horrible, ever-shifting runes and sigils that seem to move and writhe unnaturally. These symbols are said to be the source of the unspeakable power that permeates the Nightmare Dominion, and they pulse with malevolence, casting an unsettling, blood-red glow that bathes the surrounding landscape in an eerie crimson hue.

A thick fog of fear permeates the air, suffocating one with despair in this desolate realm.

The Dread Tower is located in the southwestern part of the known Runiverse. It is situated on the peninsula extending from the greater portion of the Nightmare Dominion.

The Dread Tower
The Dread Tower

Forgotten Runiverse Game

The Dread Tower is located at (x, y) in the game. To get there, head due southwest from the origin.

Glorga, Contaminator of the Dread Tower


Glorga Contaminator of the Dread Tower is a goblin leader with an uncommon reputation among his kind. Originating from The Dread Tower a location in the far south of the Runiverse, surrounded by the open sea and made of cold, black stone that absorbs light, Glorga ventured forth and made his home in Goblin Town, a bustling metropolis near the quantum shadow in the central eastern part of the Forgotten Runiverse. The town, once a subterranean dwelling place for goblins, has grown and evolved into a manifestation of wickedness and cruelty, attracting heroes to test their mettle against various foes.

Glorga is neither entirely good nor evil; instead, he is considered a scoundrel with a penchant for mischief and bending the rules to suit his own needs, much like most goblins. However, there is something about him that sets him apart from the rest. His charisma, the gleam in his eye, and the pride with which he wields his razor-sharp weapon make others take notice.

One of Glorga's closest companions is Shrattler, a venomous rattlesnake he tamed and trained to do his bidding. Together, they have caused significant trouble in Goblin Town, and their exploits have become legendary among the various goblin clans.

As tensions rise in Goblin Town, Glorga anticipates the upcoming epic battles that loom on the horizon. He knows that it will be a fierce and bloody conflict, but he is ready for the challenge. With Shrattler by his side and his lethal weapon in hand, Glorga is confident that he will emerge victorious.