Buffkin Plains

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In the Runiverse

Buffkin Plains is located in the northwestern part of the known Runiverse. The plains lie west of Honor Mountain.

Buffkin Plains
Buffkin Plains

Forgotten Runiverse Game

Buffkin Plains is located at (x, y) in the game. To get there, head due northwest from the origin.

Lore within the Buffkin Plains

The Buffkin Plains are at the far reaches of the Brown Wizard Delta.

Drok's Hollow

There is told to be a small coastal town named Drok's Hollow that is home to a simple community. A place where the farmers of the delta, the herders of the Buffkin Plains, and fishers of the sea come to trade, connect, and mingle.

Once per year, people travel from far and wide to attend the autumn harvest festival, known as "The Day of the Black Dawn" that remembers an ancient time when an evil beast rose up out of the ocean, blocking out the sunrise.

Now, villagers cover their windows of their homes and shops on the this day of remembrance. The festival serves as a harvest festival for merchants, farmers and mariners.

The local inn, run by an ancient Elf name Mags is believed to be the last living resident of Drok's Hollow who was there for the Day of the Black Dawn. Ask Mags if you want to learn more about it...