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In October of 2022 Legatus joined Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult and is legendary in creating BlackSand. His kindness and inspiration to others makes him a favorite and important community member.

The first tournament he created was a story about the once flourishing village of BlackSand. The village was hosting a fighting tournament to attract visitors and reignite its commerce. He asked the community to nominate their Warriors or Wizards to participate. Twelve champions answered the call and the tournament commenced via Twitter poll. A majority of the participants were Warriors, with one special entry bracket dedicated to two Wizards.

After this tournament BlackSand quickly became a major collaboration of cult members who to this day provide lore, art, music, and everything needed behind the scenes to make sure the races run smoothly.  

Giving is another talent of Legatus.  He is known for his kindness and the cult in turn shares back by donating time, talent, and offering up prizes for the races.

To this day the tournaments and races he started has progressed into its own cherished part of the Runiverse.

Please read the lore below to learn more about BlackSand.

Located between the Salt Sea and the Mountains of Light, BlackSand was once called Imperium. Imperium had been a flourishing hub of trade and culture. Merchants would bring their precious goods to the Imperium Port from lands far and wide. Scholars would travel to the City Keep to study ideas and philosophies. Pilgrims would journey to submit their offerings to the Temple of the True Gods. Wizards would convene in the Obsidian Tower to share their powerful magic and technological innovations. Art and music would spark from this melting pot of cultures, colliding in what felt like the pulsating heart of the entire Runiverse.

But suddenly, one night, while the city quietly rested, Nature willed the end of Imperium, and the volcano Sceena carried out the task…

As BlackSand re-builds, New Citizens and Visitors are traveling to the city to spectate races and duels. Merchants are journeying to sell their precious wares. Play and fun are back as little pony dolls became the favorite toy of every kid in town.

Artists are joining. They bring their colors. Bards are singing. They share their music. Wizards are back. They channel their magic.

You and them, together, have brought back life. Together, you have put BlackSand back on the map. The City that Once Was became Once More.

BlackSand Mounts represent the next chapter for BlackSand. New Adventurers are summoned. Their help is needed to scout the lands nearby, to discover what lay beyond BlackSand. To know where our beloved city of BlackSand stops and the wilds of the Runiverse begin. Will you answer the call?