Dream Master Lake

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In the Runiverse

Dream Master Lake is located in the central part of the known Runiverse. Dream Master Lake lies just east of The Secret Tower, and is bound to the south by Fur Gnome Wold.

A large, idyllic, tranquil lake in Honeybee Valley. The mountains to the north are reflected in the mirrored surface of the lake, and on the clearest days, one can even catch glimpses of the Sacred Pillars. In the summer, the air is thick with pollen, inducing a hazy slumber on those around it. Even the myriad animals that inhabit the surrounding forests, such a bear, deer, boar, and rabbits, and more magical beasts like perytons and pygmy unicorns, find themselves dazing under trees to the sound of bees on the breeze. Wizards who study the Art of Dreams come here year round to hone their Slumbermancy.

Dream Master Lake
Dream Master Lake

Forgotten Runiverse Game

Dream Master Lake is located at (x, y) in the game. To get there, head due west from the origin.

Dream Master Lake and Surrounding Woods

The thick tangled branches that surround Dream Master Lake, hold up a canopy that spans for miles in all directions- like a blanket, cutting the forest off from the outside world. Ancient trees stand like gnarled wooden columns of some lost city; the gaps between forming winding paths and trails like forgotten roads. It's in the center of these lost woods Dream Master Lake lies. Many wizards try making a pilgrimage to Dream Master Lake to learn of the mysteries the Dream Masters have to offer. It can be difficult navigating your way through the lost woods. There are many spirits that inhabit the surrounding woods, many leading you off trail and very few there to offer protection.

Waters of Dream Master Lake

Sacred Waters coagulate at Dream Master Lake

> Coagulated Waters From The Sacred Pillars

Waters from the sacred pillars coagulate in Dream Master Lake, giving it a natural magical charge to the environment.

> Glowing Waters When Disturbed

A species of bacteria inhibit the waters here that are known to glow when disturbed, giving the waters here at Dream Master Lake a magic quality. The neighboring blue wizards have long figured this out with science and samples fed into their magic-machines.

> Ritual & Ceremonial Practice

The waters of Dream Master Lake are renown for their ceremonial practices. Many wizards seeking the lake out to perform baptisms under their spiritual practice, to drink "The Waters of Forgetfulness" and cure post traumatic stress, or seek out the Oneiroi-Onsen Bathhouse to wash away bad spirits clinging to ones auric field.

Yggdrasil the World Tree at Dream Master Lake
Buildings on Yggradsil

Yggdrasil (The World Tree)

Inhabiting the center island at Dream Master Lake is a giant Yggdrasil tree in which important buildings and places of worship are placed.

Markets & Economy

Floating shop on Dream Master Lake

Most shops and market activity take place on the water to pay homage to the etymology and symbolic language of "currency". Words like "bank" and "liquidity" are examples of water and the role it plays in the symbolic language of finance. At Dream Master Lake, shops can be seen floating around on boats.


Dream Master Hut's (grounded)

Many of the wizards whom take up residence at Dream Master Lake build their homesteads in around the shoreline of the lake in either huts or treehouses up in the canopy of the forest. Some exceptions are made and less often do you see boats fashioned into boathouses or extravagant treehouses built on Yggradsil itself.