Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-02-08

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This Is Magic And That's Not A Stretch
Secret Tower Wizard Yoga Club, 3D Wizard Rigs At the Secret Tower

Immediately after the initial call, Elf reveals that the team is meeting in San Francisco to visit Bisonic, who are making the Forgotten Runiverse game. No more information is revealed about the game, and the discussion quickly turns to the new 3D Wizard models.

New 3D Rigs

Elf shouts out Nightowlbirdman, Magus Wazir, Cheddabob, and Tabitha of the Marsh for the content they are making with the 3D models. He also mentions that this doubles as a test period for the rigs and notes a few issues with the current renders that the team wants to fix. Dotta also expresses excitement for the 3D models and the ability to participate with Wizards on multiple different platforms. Elf talks about the advantages of The Camera in 3D versus 2D models and discusses the cinematographic aspects of works composed with 3D models.

The team commends Waz for both creative and technical achievements and Elf also mentions a deepfake that Wazir made which appears to pit Elf against Joe Rogan on his eponymous talk show — says to look forward to more fun things.

Runes TCG

Leaps in the Runiverse

Giveahoot talks about Runes TCG and explains inspirations from within the community and touches on how 7 different artists brought life to the lore provided by the writers with their works on the cards. Elf says the Runiverse has taken a huge leap forward in the Runes TCG build. The two expound on the success of Runes and how it is grounded in art, lorebuilding, and the fun of actually opening the packs of cards.

Dotta and Madotsuki share pack opening experiences. Giveahoot talks about lorebuilding in the TCG and its connections to the Book of Lore.

Silver Cyborg Pony With a Lil Bag For Repairs In Its Mouth
Nano Voyager, a BlackSand Pony

BlackSand Mounts Mint

The Horizontal Playing Field

Elf uses this example of the Collaborative Legendarium at work to segue into news about BlackSand, whose mint for a collection of new Mounts opened on Feb. 08, 2023. Elf talks about the value of community-made collections like Runes and the BlackSand Mounts. He imagines a horizontal playing field where these types of quality tokens made by Cult members could be just as valuable as any that Magic Machine have distributed.

Legatus joins and expresses excitement for the mint. Bill Gains and Acideater join and also talk about working on the collection. Elf jokes that Acid is doing his style better than he does. Bill praises Legatus' project management skills:

"This is the culture we're here for."


Spooky Wizzies?
The Shadow Hats, Inscriptions 957-964, 966, 967 with metadata inscribed as #969

The Shadow Hats

Niski joins to discuss Ordinals and talks about the woes of the early tech along with some of the rarity standards for the new medium. Dotta says they are a breath of fresh air as a "reason to use your Bitcoin."

Elf says, "I just wanted to give Bitcoin some love...You just gotta respect it," and goes on to emphasize the importance of Bitcoin to the crypto community at large and states this was an opportunity to put Forgotten Runes on the Bitcoin Door. He then reveals the inspiration behind the Shadow Hats Collection is none other than Satoshi Nakamoto. Elf likens Satoshi to the ultimate black hat anon, though he says he doesn't know if the Shadow Hats are Black Hat Wizards, but wanted the Inscription on the Bitcoin Door to echo secrets of the Quantum Shadow.

"I don't know if they're Black Hats...I don't even know if they're Wizards."

Objections for Ordinals

Dotta speaks on the advantages of BTC maxis as "...providing a foundation you don't even know you're standing on." Madotsuki explains Ordinals are driving more developers to BTC and posits a theory of a digital cave where Ordinals will be the paintings first discovered at the cave's entrance years in the future, where the rest of the digital artifacts may be found deeper in the cave. Niski says Ordinals feel like BTC and ETH have been united in this common mission. Elf invites Ordinals haters to the floor, but has no takers. Dotta addresses concerns and notes a few "fair objections" like bloating the blockchain — but has a brief aside about pruning Taproot data as a potential solution.

Battle for Goblin Town & Closing Notes

Dotta also gives a few updates for Battle for Goblin Town: "We're going to ship it as soon as we can finish the code." He also notes that there are around 20 contracts involved!

Elf closes the meeting by reiterating the importance of this time in Bitcoin's history and says, "We are bringing the aesthetics; we are bringing the culture; we are bringing the fun."