Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-01-26

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An illustration of Augurer Milton's Pub & Winery, created by Ozzz circa January 2022.

Wizard Honoraries Discussion

Elf and Dotta brought up the possibility of awarding honorary Warriors to celebrities such as Paris Hilton as a way to promote this upcoming collection and get more mainstream visibility for it. This sparked a lot of discussion among Cult members, both in the Spaces and on Discord.

As a result of the discussion, Magic Machine decided not to award honoraries to celebrities, and instead awarded Warrior Honoraries to community members voted in by their peers or selected by MM.

Wizard TV Trailer Update

Elf talked through the development of an iconic scene in the trailer. Eventually, he decided that an epic line needed to be part of the scene, and the team brainstormed it. Eventually, Sharkchild was selected to record his voice saying this line. Sharkchild said that he had a blast recording the line. He hasn’t seen the rest of the trailer, but promised that the scene that he participated in will be epic.

Merchandise Update

Bearsnake and LachnessMonsta are developing a new line of merchandise. The idea is to create limited runs of a few hundred items each. This line will mainly feature apparel and a few other items, but the team is also looking at some unusual and unexpected “delightful mysteries” that may come to reality later on.

Other Magic Machine Updates

  • Elf and Molly are working on familiar walkcycles – these should be available in another week or two.
  • Souls on Ponies animations will be available soon. The art is finished, it just needs to be coded onto the Forgotten Runes website.
  • Comic book production is ongoing. The team plans to include some relevant, themed advertisements in the back that will hopefully enhance the experience.

Cult Content Shoutouts

  • Archmagus Soya of the Marsh – handpainted jacket
  • NightOwlBirdman: Funny video of the pony drop
  • ZayLaSoul: CG piece of Archmagus Tumbaj with Naruto “Pain” theme
  • TheOneWhoRings with another video game preview
  • Bonzo: A new episode of his Wizard News Show
  • Ozzz had two new illustrations come out this week (Aleister Crowley, group illustration at Augerer Milton’s Pub and Winery
  • Henry Boyd creating some content around Merlon of Dreams and his dirt rabbit Bun-Bun
  • Magus Diggory of the Wood: Wooden boy wizard in historical photographs
  • Merlin: Illustration of Merlin (the Wizard) with Toru the Video Ghost
  • Tim Smith: “Billy’s Gonna Get Ya” illustration
  • Kel with an illustration of Chaos Mage Beyna of the Gnostics, commissioned from 6maker
  • Ickleek: Familiars watercolor
  • Tania del Rio: Magus Chiyo lore
  • Retired Yield Farmer: Commissioned piece that looks like a video game cover