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TV is a notable community member of Forgotten Runes. He is best known as the head of the Wizard's Nouns project, and as the creator and maintainer of the Forgotten Market NFT marketplace.

TV was present in the Forgotten Runes discord starting on Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult Mint Day (June 30, 2021). His initial comments were around a script he ran to identify all wizards with a certain number of traits. This was a hint of what was to come.

TV was an active participant in the initial analysis of the Wizards collection, helping scrutinize the wizard metadata and discussing different interpretations of wizard rarity. Within the first week, he released a spreadsheet analysis (with associated explainer guide) of wizard name rarity, that was later incorporated into the custom rarity scores on TV was also an early user of the Decoder Crystal provided by Dotta to help the community decipher affinity data.

TV was also an early believer in the viability of the project, steadily accumulating wizards while the price floor was still at or below mint price. He noted that even within the first week after mint, "a nice community is forming around [FRWC]." In the sales realm, he helped out fellow community members by running a script, then publishing lists of high affinity wizards for sale (information that was not readily visible to non-technical people in those days).

TV was an early proponent of creating a separate Sales channel in the Discord, which would eventually evolve into the legendary 💫sales channel. TV also made an early suggestion to have unique Wizard emojis in the Discord.

In October 2021, TV first came up with the idea of Wizard's Nouns. Eventually, he coordinated with a team of several community members to release the collection, which was free to holders.

In December 2021, TV forked the code for The Book of Lore, to create Forgotten Lewds, a place to view lore that has been marked as "Not Safe for Work" (NSFW) and thus not visible in the primary Book.

On February 23rd, 2022, TV announced the release of the Forgotten Market, a Forgotten Runes-exclusive NFT marketplace. The marketplace uses the Reservoir protocol to provide the essential functions of an NFT market, and also displays affinity data and any Book of Lore entries for the associated token. All platform fees from native sales made in the Forgotten Market go to the House of Wizards DAO.

In April 2022, as a result of his various contributions and connections made within the Forgotten Runes community, TV was voted as one of the recipients for an Honorary Warrior. TV chose Head-tv.pngTV Master of Ceremonies (15509) as his custom warrior.