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Welcome to the Wizzypedia, the official source of documentation for the Forgotten Runes World and it's community. We call it the Runiverse.
from Calista's Citadel to the Canaanite Wizards and everything in-between. Whereas The Book of Lore is a canonical source of narrative stories attached to a Wizard or Warrior, Wizzypedia is more factual and describes people, places, and things in the Runiverse and in our world. Welcome.

Getting Started with The Runiverse

The World


Map of the Runiverse

To view a location's page, simply click on that location's name on the map

Featured Locations

Wizard Wednesday

Wizard Wednesday by Ozzz

Wizard Wednesday is a weekly podcast/cult meeting put on by the Magic Machine team. If you're looking to know what's new with Forgotten Runes, the alpha is given on Wizard Wednesday.

Usually led by Dotta, ElfJTrul, and Bearsnake, the discussions will range from progress reports, game updates, show updates, events, upcoming mints, DAO votes, etc.

Hosted every Wednesday at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST on Twitter Spaces from the @forgottenrunes Twitter account.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Feb 02 March 2 April 6 May 4 June 1 July 6 August 3 Sept 7
Feb 09 March 9 April 13 May 11 June 8 July 13 August 10 Sept 14
Jan 19 Feb 16 March 16 April 20 May 18 June 15 July 20 August 17 Sept 21
Jan 26 Feb 23 March 23 April 27 May 25 June 22 July 27 August 24 Sept 28
***** ***** March 30 ***** ***** June 29 ***** August 31 *****


Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
N/A Aug 4 Sept 1 Oct 6 Nov 3
N/A Aug 11 Sept 8 Oct 13 Nov 10
July 21 Aug 18 Sept 15 Oct 20
July 28 Aug 25 Sept 22 Oct 27
***** ***** Sept 29 *****

Read more about Wizard Wednesday

How can I contribute?

Create an account and start writing. The key style-guide is to keep it "factual" and write in a Wikipedia-descriptive style. Narrative story and lore is a better fit for The Book of Lore