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2 November 2022

15 October 2022

4 October 2022

  • curprev 08:3008:30, 4 October 2022Vmark talk contribs 1,509 bytes +1,509 Created page with "Members of the Coding Guild are members of the Cult with software development experience. The goal of this page is to collect useful resources in one place, to help creating new tools for the Runiverse. {| class="wikitable" |+Smart Contracts |- !Name!! !!Contract Name!!Mainnet Address!!Goerli Address |- |ForgottenRunesWizardsCult||ERC721 contract for the original wizard collection||0x521f9C7505005CFA19A8E5786a9c3c9c9F5e6f42||0xa1F374C4150e4e93d6E6c5353eCfd1C1Fc2E650F |-..." Tag: Visual edit: Switched